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Welcome to the Colonel White Class of '65 Website



50th reunion photo
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50th reunion photo numbered
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1. Patricia O'Connor
2. Doug Korns
3. Marilyn Minneman
4. Mr. Lee Whitaker, Asst. Principal
5. Jim Hoops
6. Dave McDaniel
7. Howard Krisher
8. Rob Jewett
9. Bruce Humphrey
10. Bill Andrews
11. Dick Kratzer
12. Bob Huff
13. Michael Mamula
14. Bruce Kaplan
15. Sherman Hillelson
16. Karen Moore
17. Don Wilson
18. Peggy Miller
19. Marlene Lansman
20. Nancy Wilson
21. Joe McCoppin
22. Denny Egger
23. Bill Grimpe
24. Mark Kellermeyer
25. Doug MacPherson
26. Milan Mamula
27. Barbara Weisner
28. Gloria Staios
29. Kathy Iman
30. Carmen Oliver
31. Betty Cardwell
32. Maggie Bauer
33. Mike Dungan
34. Gary Avery
35. John Stephens
36. Dave Finnell
37. Joe Winslow
38. Mr. Jim Payne, Speech and Drama
39. Dave Thompson
40. Larry House
41. Steve Guy
42. Carol Flinspach
43. Kathy Wiseman
44. Sheila Swartzel
45. Lynn Clark
46. Eileen Lauderman
47. Bob Albaugh
48. Carolyn Welhener
49. Sondra Mayerson
50. Kathy Keefer
51. Ken Hutchinson
52. Fred Engelhardt
53. Anne Reinicke
54. Janet Shank
55. Coach Jim Eby
56. Kay Branson
57. Kay Prinz
58. Vickie Sullivan
59. Kathy Geis
60. Cheryl Ferry
61. Jean Monbeck
62. Carolyn Netzley
63. Pam Miller
64. Chery Redinger
65. Patricia Hoskinson
66. Steve Rubin
67. Mr. Stan Blum, Civics
68. Debbie Teeters
Not shown: Richard Caudy, Joan Eisenstodt, Carol Littrell, Sarita Smith

50th Reunion Gift Bag

Along with a 12" x 18" reproduction of our class picture, all reunion dinner attendees received a painted wooden replica of our Alma Mater, and an actual brick piece from the building.

There are a few replicas and brick pieces left over. If you're interested, please contact Kathy Keefer Fink at

Cost is $10.00 plus postage.

gift basket picture

gift basket replica building

gift basket brick

50th reunion photo numbered
(Click the photo to enlarge)

Front row, L to R: Guest George Kellar ('64), Larry House, Coach Jim Eby, Coach Lee Whitaker, Mike Dungan, Howard Krisher, Dave McDaniel.

Back row, L to R: Joe McCoppin, Doug MacPherson, Steve Guy, Dave Finnell.

Photos courtesy of

51 years ago!

Well, the caption isn't quite accurate, but it's always fun to see a picture from the good ol' days. Dillon and Marks weren't seniors that year, and unfortunately a number of our senior players are missing from the picture. But other than that, a great picture. Thanks to Howard Krisher for the walk down Memory Lane.

(Click the photo to enlarge)



American Flag

CWHS '65 Military Veterans


Rebecca Adams - USMC
Dave Ames - USA
Wayne Ayers - USMC
Terry Batey - USN
Bob Becker - USAF
Barry Bevins - USA
Earl Campbell - USN
Denny Egger - USAF
Ari Feldman - USA
Randy Geel - USN
Bill Grimpe - USAF
Steve Guy - USA
Bruce Hansford - USA
Harold Hensley - USAF
Bob Huff - USA
Bruce Humphrey - USMC, USN
Rob Jewett - USA
Bruce Johnson - USA
Mark Kellermeyer - USA
John Kosater - USA
Doug Krabacher - USA
Bruce Little, USA
Doug MacPherson, USMC
Joe McCoppin - USAF (Ret.)
James Meyer - USN (Ret.)
Kip Napier - USMC ( Ret.)
Patricia O'Connor - USA
Ed Pfeiffer - USN
Dave Reeder - USA
† Don Sanders - USA
Ted Seale - USAF
† Tom Sherry, USA
Bob Spears - USAF
Wayne Smith - USA
Charlie Staton - USMC
Tom Struckman - USAF
Bruce Teague - USA
Dave Thompson - USA
† indicates died in action

If you are a military veteran from the Class of '65, and your name does not appear above, please send your name and branch of service to Kathy at If you are a family member of a deceased vet from our class and your vet's name does not already appear here, please contact us, and his/her name will be added. We hope to eventually have a complete list on the website. Thank you.

Marines Army Navy Air Force Coast Guard





Howard Krisher
Bob Albaugh
Marlene Lansman Deringer
Chery Redinger Halteman
Anne Reinicke Storan
Rob Jewett
Sally Eichorn Reinicke
Carolyn Netzley
Pat Hoskinson Thornton
Carol Flinspach Yinger
Kay Prinz Juhas
Karen Moore Maas

Steve Guy
Kathy Geis Krueger
Mike Dungan
Fred Engelhardt
Linda Novak
Dave McDaniel
Jean Monbeck LeBlanc
Kathy Keefer Fink
Kay Branson Hamilton
Sherman Hillelson
Sondra Mayerson Martin




Howard Krisher
Marlene Lansman
Bill Grimpe
Bob Albaugh
Anne Reinicke
Bob Huff
Carol Littrell
Gloria Staios
Sheila Swartzel
Joan Eisenstodt
Mark Kellermeyer
Betty Cardwell
Barbara Weisner
Kay Prinz
Rob Jewett
Kathy Geis
Don Wilson
Peggy Miller
Patricia O'Connor
Jim Hoops
Debbie Teeters
Nancy Wilson
Chery Redinger
Patricia Hoskinson
Carolyn Welhener
Pam Miller

Carolyn Netzley
Denny Egger
Dick Kratzer
Bill Andrews
Sondra Mayerson
Kathy Keefer
Carol Flinspach
Karen Moore
Jean Monbeck
Sheryl Petry
Joe McCoppin
Steve Guy
Dave Finnell
Mike Dungan
Kay Branson
Kathy Iman
Marilyn Minneman
Fred Engelhardt
Milan Mamula
Michael Mamula
Ken Hutchinson
Steve Rubin
Bruce Humphrey
Janet Shank
Jerry McElroy
Lynn Clark

Eileen Lauderman
Dave Reeder
Larry House
Dave Thompson
Doug Korns
Maggie Ward
Kathy Wiseman
Cheryl Ferry
Dave McDaniel
Doug MacPherson
Carmen Oliver
Gary Avery
Vickie Sullivan
Sarita Smith
Sherman Hillelson
Bruce Kaplan
John Stephens
Joe Winslow
Richard Caudy
Jennifer Zehring
Wayne Smith
Sophia Strong
Tom Struckman
Doug Markwood
Randy Geel



Class Notes:

Classmate Barry Overholser passed away in Englewood, OH on August 9, 2019 after a long illness. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Suzy Donenfeld Katz died on June 1, 2019 of cancer in Palm Springs, CA. Click here for complete obit.

Phyllis "Ci" Develbiss, 88, of Troy passed away unexpectedly at her home on April 9, 2019. She had been in treatment recently for cancer. Mrs. "D", as she was known by many, was a familiar face on many occasions at performances by the CWHS Music Department, which at the time was under the direction of her husband Dr. Jack A. Develbiss. She was also a special, welcome presence to all of us who attended band camp at Earlham College each summer. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Van Markle recently checked in. Van is living in Victoria, BC, Canada, and has been retired since 2010. He returned to Dayton in 2017 for the first time in 50 years, and stopped by the empty lot that was CWHS, as well as the one where his old house used to stand. Thankfully, he found Wright State University still standing.

Classmate Marty Aldridge also contacted this website to say he's living in Spearfish, SD is "somewhat" retired and enjoying the northern Black Hills.

Classmate Bruce Little was yet another Class of '65 member who wrote recently and said he'd like to see a 55th reunion. Bruce and his wife Rhonda call a 40' catamaran sailboat their home on a permanent basis. They're getting ready to go to the Bahamas, but will return to south Georgia for the hurricane season. They'll start south again in November.

Classmate William "Bill" Andrews of Chicago, Illinois died on August 3, 2018 of brain cancer. Click here for complete obit.

CWHS faculty member Donald Oldiges passed on March 31, 2018. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Richard Watkins of Covington, Ohio died on January 30, 2018 at his residence. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Sheryl Petry passed away unexpectedly on November 3, 2017.

Classmate Larry Zechar of Clayton passed away on October 5, 2017. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Randy Geel passed away on May 18, 2017 in Dayton. Click here for complete obit..

Classmate Donna Lykins Sterrett of Bellbrook passed away on January 31, 2017. Click here for complete obit..

Classmate Tom Struckman of New Carlisle passed away on February 25, 2017. Click here for complete obit..

Thoughts on the recent loss of two classmates. Click here.

Classmate Wayne Smith of Vandalia died on June 12, 2016 of complications from lymphoma. Click here for complete obit.

Classmate Karen Moore Maas of Vandalia passed away on July 25, 2016 after being diagnosed with brain cancer in April. Click here for complete obit.

In case you haven't noticed, old home room photos from both CW and some of the grade schools are posted on the MEMORIES page. Click on the "Class Acts" button at the top of the page and take a "scroll" down Memory Lane. And if you have any old home room photos from grade school or high school you wish to share, scan them and send them along to, with school name, year/grade, and teacher's name.

Click here to read Howard Krisher's heart-warming and moving speech from the reunion dinner on Saturday night. We thought you might enjoy it, and we thank Howard for allowing us to post it on the website.

Click here for a look at the Class of '65 of our sister school Fairview H.S. You may see some familiar faces! Thanks to Dan Wolfe, FHS '65, for sending this along to us.

Sadly, while searching for missing classmates for the 50th Reunion Celebration, the committee has learned the following classmates are deceased:

Classmate Sylvia Richey Clayton passed away in Dayton on February 10, 2016 after a long illness. Click here for full obit.


Classmate John Hughes of Centerville, Ohio passed away July 13, 2015. Click here for full obit.

Classmate James Meyer died in North Port, Florida on May 19, 2015. Click here for full obit.

Classmate Doug Krabacher died on April 19, 2015 in Sandusky, Ohio. Click here for full obit.

November 22, 1963: Where were you when you heard? Classmates share their thoughts about JFK's death. Click here.

19 Sept 2013


Just dropping you a note to let you know that I found your site ... thanks to a Fairview High alumni who went to Fairview Elementary with me for eight years. Hope this is going to the right email address.

I'm not strictly alumni, I suppose, as I spent only one year at Colonel White before I moved out of the district to finish high school at Oakwood High in 1965, graduated from Findlay College in 1969, and wound up as an elementary schoolteacher in both the Dayton and Oakwood school systems, plus a stint as a substitute in Kettering Schools . But I was a member of the illustrious Colonel White cadre briefly, in 1961-62. My homeroom teacher was George Catterlin, and in the class photo for that year (below ) I'm the greasy looking dude in the second row from the top, third face from the left of the picture. Above me to one side is Ed Zindorf, and on the other side, Dennis Osborne. The fellow to my right is Bruce Dirking. I think the fellow to my left was also a Fairview Elementary acquaintance, but unfortunately 50+ years is a lot of wear and tear on the memory synapses.

Then (circa 1962):

Now, alas:

Just wanted to send a shout-out to the two or three that might remember me, and all the rest who wouldn't or don't want to. So sorry to hear of Steve Wasson's passing, I knew him pretty well, and remember watching him appear on The Rising Generation TV show .

Just so you know there is one more Colonel White attendee out there who's still alive and kicking,

Geoff Hill
Columbus, Ohio


25 July 2013

Just wanted to say hi to everyone in the class of "65."

Doug MacPherson

April 25, 2013

For some reason I cannot put a finger on, I typed Colonel White High School Class of 1965 in Google search and it returned your web site. What a nice job you have done to keep up with people. While I did not graduate from Colonel White in 1965, I was supposed to. My family moved to Richmond, Indiana in the summer of 1962. My name is Mike Wright, my twin brother Steve and myself attended Jefferson Elementary and then Colonel White for a year. If it is OK please include me in your emails, I remember quite a number of your/my classmates, many fond memories.

Thank you.

Mike Wright
Leesburg FL

Choir Director Carol C. Walters (Bright), Age 92, of Dayton, passed away March 29, 2013 in Hospitality House nursing home in Massillon Ohio. Click here for full obit.

April 6, 2013

Dear dear friends, men and women of green and gold,

Everyday I am grateful that I was part of the class of '65 of Colonel White. The more I compare notes with friends who went to other schools, the more I am convinced that our school was by all means greater than all others.

This afternoon I attended the funeral of a dear friend. I looked forward to seeing one of the guests, a member of the family who graduated ahead of us from Colonel White. Well, we had a great visit, but the best came later when I saw a man standing nearby waiting to speak with me. He was Mike Dungan. It was wonderful to see Mike again. Afterwards, I felt lonely for all of you. It was great to find our website and hear the fight song.

I am a minister serving my 11th year at a United Church of Christ congregation in a historical village called Zoar, OH. I am retiring at the end of this year after 41 years as a parish minister. I am married to Sandy, a minister. We have three sons and a Russian Wolfhound named "Moose." In May, I am receiving my Master of Arts (Theater). My work is in stage magic. I am not sure what I shall be doing, but I look forward to what adventure it will bring after I retire from the parish. I look forward to coming to future reunions.

Ken Hutchinson


We received this message from Dr. Fred B. Sagester. He would have been in our class, but moved away in grade school.

March 13, 2013


In doing some Internet searching, I thought back to my early past when I was a member of the CWHS class of 1965, at least until the 5 th grade, when we moved to Cincinnati as a result of my father's job transfer with Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

At one time you had a picture of what looked to be a class picture from E.J. Brown of a school class that looked to be 2 nd or 3 rd graders. I remember Ms. Peacock in grade 1, Miss Carr in grade 2, Ms. Banta in grade 3, Mrs. Flory in grade 5. And now I see that a close friend from those many years ago, Denny Dunkelberger passed away in January 2012. Denny and I used to ride the bus from in front of E.J. Brown after school down to the YMCA for swim lessons and then catch a ride back home with my brother who worked after school at Ohio Bell.

I lived across the street from Gary Moritz on Hudson Ave. and played with David Todd, Dick Kratzer, Freddie Englehardt, and many others.

Hello to all who may remember me and I hope all is well with my many "old" classmates from the early 50's.

Dr. Fred B. Sagester

Chairman & Professor

Education Department


Click here for more pictures from the Birthday Bash 47th reunion...

Hey Little Colonels, Check out your new website! (click here)


Colonel William J. White


Colonel William J. White

Colonel William Jeremiah White was born on April 1, 1844 in Uniontown, Ohio. His parents, John and Isabella Simms White, were natives of Culpepper County, Virginia, and came to Ohio in 1801.

In 1861, he enlisted in the Union Army as a private with B Company, 78 th Regiment; Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Early on, he was chosen to be a member of the "mule cavalry", which was a group of 50 men "selected for their fitness for special duty, or for any emergency that might arise, requiring courage and discretion." Cited for his personal bravery and gallant conduct in an engagement with rebel forces in 1862, he was promoted to the staff of Major General Mortimer Leggett, remaining with that command through much of the war. He rose quickly through the ranks, serving with distinction until the end of the war.

In 1863, his horse was shot from under him in the early fighting to take Vicksburg. And later, as the six-week-long battle came to a close, then Captain White serving as liaison between Union and Confederate forces carried all communication between General Ullyses S. Grant and Confederate Lieutenant General John Pemberton until a surrender was secured from Pemberton's forces. Near the end of the war, he was promoted by President Lincoln to the rank of major by brevet for gallant and meritorious conduct. He is described in his enlistment papers as being 6' 1/2" tall, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a fair complexion, and a bookkeeper by trade. He was mustered out on May 20, 1866.

He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in June of 1870, and in November married Miss Bertha A. Butterfield of Bucyrus, Ohio. They had four children: Mira, William, Bertha, and Joseph. He held numerous teaching and administrative positions throughout his career in education, and served as superintendent of schools in Pana, Illinois, Springfield, Ohio, and eventually Dayton in 1888. He and his family lived at 627 North Avenue and 429 Grafton Avenue in Dayton View, which ironically came to be part of the school district of his namesake and our alma mater.

In 1898, he left his position as superintendent to fight in the Spanish-American War, where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with the 3 rd Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Field Staff and Band.

He was elected colonel of the 7 th Regiment of the Ohio National Guard in 1885, serving for five years in that position. He was a 32nd Degree Mason, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and attended Grace Methodist Episcopal Church where he served as superintendent of its Sunday school for many years.

His last position, which he held until his death, was as Governor of the Central Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, now known as the Veterans' Administration.

Colonel White died on November 28, 1920. He is buried at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton.


Article written by Kathy Keefer Fink, '65

Much of the information contained in this article came from The Centennial Portrait and Biographical Record of the City of Dayton and of Montgomery County .


The Cougar's Creed

I believe in Colonel White High School, her tradition and ideals;
I believe in honesty in everyday tasks and in faithfulness in duty;
I believe in the joy that comes from worthwhile fun, generous comradeship, and loyal service to my school;
I believe in modesty in victory and unconquerable spirit in defeat;
I believe in keeping faith with myself, my neighbor, my father, my mother, my country, and my God.

The creed was printed on the back of the White House Pass.



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